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Hi, I’m Jeannie, creator and owner of Milagro Biz llc™.  I am constantly brainstorming new ideas to help me contribute personally to humanitarian outreach and animal welfare. I needed a core entity to help me organize all my projects, so I launched Milagro Biz llc™, my Arizona-based company that owns and manages these projects: 







Click on any of the projects above to see what they’re all about and then be directed to their individual websites.  My gift-giving comes from my personal resources and efforts only.  I do not engage in fundraising to support my outreach projects.

Portions of proceeds from my projects shown above support Milagro Senior Pet Refuge, Inc., the 501C3 non-profit pet rescue that I founded in 1998 and for which I still serve as President.

Milagro Biz llc™ also supports the following life-affirming animal welfare and humanitarian efforts:

Mercy for Animals,

Tim Tebow Foundation, 


Charity Water,

Live Action Pro-Life Advocacy,

Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network,

Alley Cat Allies,

Toronto Pig Save,

Family Research Council,

Sky Dog Sanctuary,

The Ivory Game,

WildLeaks | Earth League International,

Abortion Survivors Network,

The Soi Dog Foundation,

Family Life Radio,

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society,

Animal Rahat,

International Fund for Animal Welfare,

Students For Life,

Animali Farms,

SlaughterHouse Survivors,

Live Shackle Slaughter.

If you need ideas for meaningful gift-giving, I hope you’ll consider Milagro Senior Pets and these other critical worldwide organizations for your charitable donations.  

From My Heart, Thanks For Your Support!


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