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journey, a milagro senior

Journey, a Milagro senior, found abandoned in the remote desert mountains outside Victorville, California. Journey is 17 years old, and mostly deaf and blind, but happy as a clam here at Milagro.

Milagro Senior Pet Refuge Inc. is a 501C3 non-profit pet rescue organization based in Phoenix, Arizona, that I founded in 1998.  I still serve as President today.

Milagro focuses its rescue efforts on saving and rehabilitating abandoned senior pets.  By the time a senior pet finds its way to our rescue, it typically has already suffered a lifetime of neglect and even abuse.  It can be a real challenge trying to restore them to any measure of comfort, but we still try.  Many times a senior’s condition is so poor that we can offer only tender hospice care for their final days and ensure that they know love in the arms of a Milagro guardian before they go.  The goal is to erase their past as much as possible, to let these precious seniors know kindness and a gentle hand, and to make their final chapter on earth a peaceful and happy one, regardless their physical challenges.

 We gratefully accept your tax-deductible donations in any amount, and offer you our deepest heartfelt thanks.  Visit to use the PayPal option for donating, or mail your check to:

Milagro Senior Pet Refuge

8215 South 18th Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85042

From my heart … thank you.


“God bless these precious lives you’ve placed in our care, and please be especially loving to those who never do find help in this life.”

J. Fisher | Milagro Senior Pets

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